When people who know him describe Noah Laith, they refer to him primarily as an entrepreneur and investor. That is because he founded the Riereta Equity Group, which he has managed to nurture and grow into one of the finest real estate investment agencies in all of Spain, particularly in the regions of Barcelona and Girona. Noah is generally most highly regarded for his peerless ability to identify the best possible investment opportunities and act on them for clients. He does this primarily by locating and identifying properties that are priced at well under market value, thus making them ideal investment targets.

Noah Laith has been a very influential player when it comes to the real estate market in Spain, and he is often credited with changing the nature and the landscape of real property as an investment tool. This should be obvious to anyone who has followed his career, which has been longer than many realize. He has, after all, been closing multi-million dollar property deals since he started at the age of 25. That means he has had well over a decade in the real estate investment space and, in that time, he has made a lot of people a lot of money and through Riereta Equity Group, Noah Laith has been able to establish a significant network of partners along the way, who give him capabilities that many other investment companies can’t offer.

Quite often, Noah Laith has been referred to with such descriptors as “visionary,” based on his amazing dealmaking ability. He always leverages his influence and his ability to negotiate tough deals to being together the best in the business and to create unique investment opportunities for his clients.